Restaurant group


«White Group» consists not only of big restaurants and small, cozy pastry shops, corners in malls, but also catering service for celebrations and business meetings, business consultations, gastronomic dinners with best chefs from the whole world, delicious food and of course caring, friendly service to all our guests!
Present for Birthday
«Gilotsaft dabadebis dges» which means Happy Birthday dear!
15 % discount for all the birthday events the day before, on birthday, or day after.
*don’t forget your passport
Insta Chaika
For all the guests who like taking pictures of a food: post a photo from our restaurant with #chaikarest hashtag, tag our instagram account and get a present from chef.
We try to make you happy
В ресторане FermA действует скидка 30% на вино с собой!
Insta DeDa Khinkali
For all the guests who like taking pictures of a food: post a photo from our beverages list with #dedakhinkali hashtag, tag our instagram account and get a 10% discount on lemonades and cocktails.
For dessert lovers a good present also - get a baklava dessert for a photo with #dedakhinkali hashtag and tag our account.
A discount for an event at home
In DeDa Khinkali we know how busy our guests can be. So we prepare a good offer for them.
Order an event at out cafe by the phone +7(812) 643-08-48 and get a 15% discount on all the menu.
*ask a manager for details
Presents for our little guests.
In Georgia kids are the most important members of the family. We appreciate following georgian traditions. Every kid gets an ice-cream as a present. Don’t forget that we have kids room to play and watch cartoons.
Real georgian amusement
Live music, dance party and a good mood for all the guests every friday and saturday from 7 to 11 pm.
*16+ event
Женским компаниям скидка 50% на основное меню по пятницам после 20:00.
Отмечайте пятницу с FermA!
Синопская наб., д.22
+7 812 640 2 640
Hen parties in Chaika
50% discount for women companies every tuesday.
Presents for mothers.
20% discount for moms from 12 to 4pm weekday.
Of all restourants
White Group is a restaurant group that combines the legendary restaurants and pastry shops FermA, Chaika, DeDa Khinkali - restaurants are timeless, every day and every taste! The main concept of the White Group is beautiful, family, cozy places with a unique atmosphere, interior and understandable food, as evidenced by the slogan Natural Food.
Live music in FermA restaurant
Ideal time for a date or dinner, when you want to enjoy delicious food and good music.
Every friday and saturday from 7pm to 10 pm in FermA on Finlyandsky prospect.
Deda Khinkali gift cards.
Finlyandskiy pr.1
Sunday is a family day!